I revel in the visceral core of the natural world while striking out/in-ward to the sublime chaos of the human condition.
Specimens of anatomy, intuitive symbolism & the occult psyche form the base camp for these excursions.

By carving the printing block , a line is produced and then a shadow. The printing block a sort of pupa for the finished print. I like to see the process of a multi stage block printing as a way to engage with the physicality of perception. 
I celebrate natural fauna with a respect for accuracy and the dialogue between intention and medium.

Ink, paint, carcoal, ceramics, wood, found materials & natural ephemera, bone and animal pelts..
All these things have their own perceptual baggage, be it cutural or personal.

I now have a real appreciation of the importance of the physical substance of an art piece as much as my intention and others interpretation of it.

For an idea to be seeded a form must be created to be its vector in the world. The viewers conception of this form carries its own transcription machinery for this artistic DNA.

Sculpture, performance and space itself can often feel like the same artistic material.
Audio then adds another layer of immersion. 

Wordless narratives emerge from the intersections of the human senses and these are necessarily primal & visceral.

I created the Mantid Snip Shop in 2016 for my business of screen printed anti-fashion & accessories. 

It has since become the home for all my artistic merchandise and is now located on the delectable Baphomart

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