As well as exploring the medium itself, my silkcreen work draws together my interest in the natural world & anatomy with symbolism & the occult psyche.

My relief print work is currently focussed on multi stage lino cut. I illustrate natural fauna with a respect for accuracy while celebrating emotionality and the quality of the printing meduim.

Working across so many mediums has come to remind me that the underlying substance of art is not its interpretation but the medium in which its presented. For an idea to be created a form must be created to be its vector in the world. Like a virus the DNA of the transmitted idea is itself the form of the piece.

Sculpture, performance and space itself have always seemed like the same artistic material to me. Audio then adds another layer of immersion. The narratives that emerge from the intersections of the senses are always more potent than when things are isolated

I created the Mantid Snip Shop in 2016 for my screen printed tees & sew-on patches. 
Initially an outlet for the graphical side of my creative process, producing these low cost artworks now allows me to support myself!
So go check out my Etsy shop and see if you can’t find something to adorn your Battle-jacket, hoodie or jeans!