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︎ ChrisRichfordArt

My relief print work is currently focussed on multi stage lino cut printing. I illustrate natural fauna with a respect for accuracy while celebrating emotionality and the quality of the printing meduim itself.

︎ ChrisRichfordArt

I am exploring screen printing as a medium to emphasise graphical quality of my visual art.

I find much of my inspiration in both the natural world and urban landscape.
I mhave always drawn together my fascination with the anatomical and biological with the fantastical , mythological and entheogenic.

︎ MantidSnip


I created the Mantid Snip Shop in 2016 as a home for my screen printed, sew-on patches and T-shirts.  As an outlet to explore the graphical side of my creative process and to produce low cost artworks to support myself, it has been wonderfully successfull. So follow the link in above and see if you can’t find something to adorn your jacket or jeans!