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In 2015 I created a Tarot deck. Using Tarot to read myself and my friends had become an inportant part of my life and I wanted to explore different perspectives on the classical imagery of the tarot. The project was funded on indiegogo and I created the Mercurial Codex, to accompany the deck and give insight into the imagery I had used.

The deck combines modern and occult philosophies with spiritual imagary from a range of cultures all filtered through my own particular surrealism. While drawing the Major arcana and the court cards I tried to look beyond gendered stereotypes which seem so embedded in many interpretations of the tarot. For the court cards I abandoned figurative images entirely in favour of geometric mandalas or meditation sygils inspired by shamanic practices, prehistoric art and sacred geometry.
Project Praeterlimina Zine began in 2015 at a peculiar meeting of minds.

Lucy C Brady, Sean Oscar and myself began a curious journey into the uncanny dimensions of hyperstition, occult thaught and the dark tendrils that bind science and religion. 

The zine and surrounding visual and literary projects combined a fictional history of 14C Bohemia and fictionalised historical and current events to create an uncanny narrative.

My purpose was to blur the boundaries between the theistic, parapsychological and scientific lenses when narrating the human condition. 

Lucy & Sean currently continue their descent into oddness with Wyrd Signal podcast...