Chris Geale Richford

Multidisciplinary Artist


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2008-2009:  MSC Plant Genetics and Crop Improvement.  UEA & JIC, Norwich

2004 -2007:  Bc Hons Biology with Ecology.   UEA, Norwich  
Emerging from a background in biological science, Chris has forged an artistic path all their own.

Now a multi-disciplinary artist working across the mediums of >traditional printmaking, >illustration, >taxidermy & >articulation, >multimedia sculpture, assemblage, performance & >music.

Chris began exhibiting independantly in Norwich in 2005 & continued to develop his practice in the norwich art scene until 2019 when he helped form the TBA Artist Collective. A  collaboration of Norwich artists of varying disciplines who curate broad reaching & interactive exhibitions. Chris has been based in London since 2020 but still has strong ties to the Fine City.

“I think I’m Always searching for the sublime but drawn to the grotesque. I’m fascinated by the diversity and mutability of life forms and our myriad  subgective interpretations of them. Seeing the human condition as a product of evolution, I enjoy unearthing and subverting cultural archetypes both ancient and modern that speak of our somewhat schizophrenic relationship with nature”.