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2008-2009:  MSC Plant Genetics and Crop Improvement.  UEA & JIC, Norwich

2004 -2007:  BSc Hons Biology with Ecology.   UEA, Norwich                     
Despite, or maybe because of my fascination with natural sciences I have always pursued art in my own time. I believe that creating can provide a path to learning about the universe as much as studying or experimenting in science.

This curiosity to create has led me through drawing, painting, music, sculpture, poetry (sort of) and most recently, Taxidermy and has allowed me to explore ontological inspirations and visionary narratives in my practice as well as to enjoy abstract and purely illustrative expression.

Since re-discovering a passion for lino-cut printing, printmaking has become a vehicle for my illustrative work: Linocuts inspired by the natural world and screen prints inspired by the occult, fantastical & mythological.  

It was through printmaking that MANTID SNIP transformed from a dormant musical persona to a brand for transmuting my art into printed anti-fashion.

As a member of TBA Artist Collective I hope to bring the more visionary side of my art to the public and collaborate to produce engaging multidisciplinary experiences.  

Meat Locker Records has become a self-styled home for the various musical projects I’m involved in.

Thanks for snooping! Follow me on the media for updates. Cheers. Ta.